Creating A Fit Lifestyle

A lot of people start and stop various fitness programs because they either find themselves too busy to do their workouts or they just lose interest and forget about it. Fitness efforts, however, should not be treated like a hobby that can be set aside at any time since it is your health that is at stake and at risk. You need to create a fit lifestyle that you can live with for the rest of your days, in which healthy habits are built into every day.Whether you are doing a cardio workout or a strength training workout, it would be best to schedule it as your first activity of the morning as soon as you wake up and before any food intake. If you must drink, take only water and nothing with calories. It is a distinct advantage to do your workout while your body is well rested and fully energized because you can then meet all physical challenges readily and perform with proper technique, ensuring a more effective session that has less risk of injury. Working out on an empty stomach after your full night’s fast ensures that your body has no glycogen stores to burn and will therefore immediately start burning fat stores. Your workout also raises your metabolic rate and keeps it high for your succeeding waking hours, allowing you to burn more fat throughout the day and evening. It is therefore worth the effort to wake up earlier than your usual schedule in the morning just to fit in your daily workout.If for any reason it is not possible to schedule your workout first thing in the morning and there seems to be no set time during the day when you can be free to exercise, make an appointment with yourself to work out at night before bedtime. If you stop eating three hours before your session is scheduled to begin you can significantly minimize the amount of glycogen in your system and boost the fat burning effects of your workout. This could also raise your resting metabolism so that you burn more energy than usual as you sleep.Whether you choose to do your workout early in the morning or late at night, you should not neglect the hours in between as opportunities to keep your metabolism burning at a higher rate. You can do this by always finding ways to be more active rather than sedentary in your normal day to day routines. Whenever possible, for instance, choose to take the stairs rather than the elevator or escalator, stand rather than sit, walk rather than drive and jog rather than walk, among others.Consciously scheduling fitness into your daily life activities is something that you owe yourself for a lifetime of better health.

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